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About Breaking Glass


We believe good female choreographers are not hard to find, they just need a platform to be found!

Breaking Glass was founded to provide a comprehensive multi-part platform for young emerging female choreographers between the ages of 18-30 of all dance genres.

The project is based on the concept of nurturing, supporting and cultivating the next generation of female artists and providing something more supportive than a single performance opportunity.

There are few opportunities for female choreographers the data is clear, however our goal is to start cultivating talent from an early age and support them in finding their voice and growing their lexicon and depth of work early on in their careers.​

Some may argue that young artists are to inexperienced or have not lived life enough to have that voice but we disagree. We believe that the best way we can grow the future is to start with the seed and nurture it over time so that these young women  come to the field ready to compete with confidence in their work, business skills to compete and a support system to guide their journey.

Breaking Glass 2013
 Panelist and Mentors Include:

Camille A. Brown

Camille A. Brown & Dancers

Sidra Bell

Sidra Bell Dance NYC

Rhapsody James

R.E.D. Dance Company

Stephanie Klemons

In the Heights, Bring it On

Francesca Harper

The Francesca Harper Project

​Kate Skarpetowska

Freelance Choreographer

Ellen Stokes Shadle

Dance Professional/Presenter



First, there will be a call for submissions to any and all female choreographers of all genres between the ages of 18-30. The goal is to help all young female artists whether working in ballet, modern, hip-hop, ballroom, tap or cultural dance.

Next, a panel will select between 3-5 artists to present their work at a showing in New York City in the summer of 2013. No fees will be asked from the artist and they will be provided with a professional video recording and photos of their work for their personal use on website, submissions and future use.

During the week before the performance the choreographers will meet one on one with an expert consultant to help them identify strengths and weaknesses in their marketing, social media and business practices.

Following the showing the choreographers and audience will be invited to a panel with established female choreographers who will offer advice and feedback about their journey and how they got to where they are now.

The audience will be asked to participate immediately following the performance by selecting the work they enjoyed the most of the evening. The choreographer who receives the highest selections by the audience in attendance will be invited back in the following year to present a full evening's work the evening before the project in 2014 all production expenses paid. The producing organizations will perform but will not be eligible to be selected for the 2014 season.

The project will not stop with the performance! All artists that submitted will be invited to join a Linkedin Group where they will have year round access to other artists, panelist, administrators and last years selected artists to seek advice for re-submission in 2014. The goal is to establish a network for year round support.

The only cost to the artist is the $10.00 application fee all other fees are waived or underwritten by the sponsors and co-producers of the project.


  • Performance opportunity for presentation your work or company in the Breaking Glass Project showing at Symphony Space all production and marketing covered

  • Mentoring with top female choreographers working in the industry from different genres

  • Counseling by leading arts administrators on business, marketing and branding

  • 4-6 month business plan creation for your company or 4-6 coaching sessions as an independent choreographer

  • Opportunity to be presented for a full evening length work in 2014

  • Access via Linkedin Group to all mentors, panelists, fellow emerging artists year round



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