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All of the above can be an exciting and affordable way to bring something new to a loved one, your employees or to celebrate a special occasion.

Contact us to learn more! We can create just about anything you can think of!

The Sky is the limit, call us and let’s discuss how we can make your upcoming event legendary!

ELSCO believes the role of the performing arts in today’s society is not only to offer performances, but to enhance the audience experience and engage and educate whole communities.


In person events!
Bringing work off the stage and into schools, offices, public places, and non-traditional arts venues.
 Here are a few examples of how ELSCO engages audiences:
ELSCO Dance Workshops 
  • Classes engage the dancers in your community or dance school by giving them the distinct experience of feeling ELSCO choreography in their own studio. ELSCO offers classes for all skill levels and types. Classes include contemporary, jazz fusion, hip hop, improvisation, partnering, strength and conditioning, and learning original ELSCO Repetory. 
Private Performance 
  • Hire ELSCO Dance to perform at your next event including your Wedding, Corporate Event, Birthday Party, Holiday Gathering or Meeting. Pick a piece from ELSCO Dance Repetory or work with Artistic Director, Ellenore Scott, to create a new piece specifically for the event. 
Community Outreach
Either in the school or in the theater, ELSCO seeks to serve as a creative role model for youth by demonstrating pieces from our repertoire and engaging students in a discussion in which they participate verbally and physically. Kids get an up-close experience with professional dancers and a behind- the-scenes opportunity to learn about topics designed around curriculum including diversity, leadership, empowerments, LBGT issues and bullying.
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