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ELSCO Dance Repertory List

IRON (2012)

This military piece was created to evoke the emotions soldiers go through before heading off to war. Fear, excitement, pride, and shame fill the dancers as the go through the journey of IRON. 

ELSCO released IRON in the Fall of 2012 as a part of ACCESS DANCE to viewers online to make the piece accessible to viewers everywhere. 

Woke Up In Beijing (2011)

Beijing was first created as a solo for company member ELLENA TAKOS for The Latin Choreographers Festival. Later, the piece would develop into a trio featuring characters and storytelling and three sections. The solo would then become the finale of the work. 

Ellena Takos is pictured performing "Woke Up in Beijing."

LUX:NOX (2012)

LUX:NOX premiered at the 7th Annual Amalgamate Artists Series in New York City. This pieces explores our human curiosity with lightness and darknesss. The use of flashlights metaphorically shows how we can illuminate the space around us and play with discovery everyday. 

The audience provided feedback for LUX:NOX saying:

"We need more choreographers like you. You changed the game. Keep it up!"

"Great sense of play! I love the exploration of movement &'s like they were exploring it for the first time and yet always knew it was there. Bravo!"

Bottom of the River (2013)

A strong, hard-hitting all female routine should show the female dancers in a different light. Most female group routine are light, airy and show the beauty of the female performers. This piece, however, should show the ladies in a strong, powerful and almost gritty nature. Set to the music of Delta Rae and Jamie N. Commons, this piece provokes sharp dynamics and exploding an emotionally intense work.

You Are Working (2013)

This piece was originally set and created on Boston-based dance company, Urbanity Dance Company as a part of their "YOU ARE_______" show. A humorous look at the 9-to-5 work day, this piece magnifies the frustrations and anxiety of cubical workers.

TRAPPED (2012)

This duet conveys the harsh realities of a co-dependant relationship. Much light is shed on both sides of the story, showing many of us our own truth.  One viewer of this piece wrote:

"Powerful... I am doing some work on myself in regards to becoming less entrapped in an unhealthy relationship with someone I love.. This spoke to that for me.. Thank you!!"

This piece was created as a part of ACCESS DANCE, a program to put full works online to be easily accessible to all dance viewers. 

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